International Animation Festival FIA'17

Universidad ORT Uruguay, organizer of FIA'17, is pleased to invite animators, producers and specially students and graduates of animation schools, to present shorts to be selected for an exhibition and subsequent awarding ceremony between October 25th and 27th of 2017 in Montevideo, Uruguay.



Universidad ORT Uruguay aims to promote and exhibit animations produced by students and graduates of animation, advanced High-School students, independent animators and international producers, and also seeks to provide a space for artistic and technological reflection in this area.

Rules and regulations

Any animated short movie, regardless its type, content or country of origin, could be submitted to FIA. FIA will only accept pieces created from the year 2015 onwards.


  • Every participant may individually present up to 6 pieces. One submission form should be completed for each piece.

  • Short movies may have been created to be exhibited on cinema, video, TV or the Internet.

  • Maximum length for short movies: 20 min. including credits.

  • In order to be admitted, all materials must be delivered in Spanish or English or contain subtitles in any of these languages (preferably in Spanish).

  • Shorts that somehow imply religious, racial or sexual discrimination, should not be accepted.


The following categories are established:
  • Short animation movie

  • Video short movie and experimental animation

  • Student short animation movie

  • Advertising clip or videoclip


In order to participate, it is required to fill out this submission form. The link for downloading the clip should be specified in the form.
The process of signing up is free of charge.
The Festival´s Organization shall decide on each short´s date and order of exhibition.

Deadline for reception

The deadline for reception of all the materials is October 2nd, 2017.

Selection, jury and awards

The selection of the shorts is done by the organization of the festival. The organizers will reveal the selected works at least one week before the festival starts. The jury is made up of members of a recognized background in the animation and audio-visual area.
The jury´s decisions will be non-appealable. On the other hand, the jury will be entitled to consider any of the categories deserted.
The jury´s members shall be announced shortly.


The jury is responsible for giving the awards specified below.
  • Grand Award of the Jury: U$S 1.500 (one thousand five hundred US dollars) + certificate

  • Best Uruguayan Short: U$S 1.000 (one thousand US dollars) + certificate

  • Best uruguayan short in the student category: Wacom Tablet and certificate

  • Best international short in the student category: certificate

  • Best Animation Short Movie: certificate

  • Best Video Short Movie and Experimental Animation: certificate

  • Best Advertising Clip / Video Clip: certificate


In case that the Grand Award of the Jury and Best Uruguayan Short prizes should be awarded to the same short, the latter prize should go to the second best short of the category. The same shall happen if the Grand Award of the Jury and the Best Student Animation Short Movie, both uruguayan and international, should be awarded to the same short.
In addition to the mentioned awards, the Jury may award special mentions to short movies that are exceptional in technical or aesthetic aspects.


The participants accept that the shorts may be saved by the organization or used in public and private exhibitions, provided that they are used for non-profit and educational or cultural purposes.

Acceptance of these regulations

All participants, just by having signed up for the festival, do accept the terms specified in these regulations. Any other issues that are not contemplated in the regulations are subject to the decision of the organizers.

Author rights

The organization accepts works which contain previously used images or sounds. The organizers won't assume the responsibility for the original rights related to third parties, which will lay upon the entire responsibility of the participant.


For further information please contact

International Animation Festival

Cuareim 1451
Tel: (+598) 2902 15 05